Organization of special permits and escorting.

"Lattrans" has direct agreements with special services about delivery of permits in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Kasakhstan, Uzbekistan which allows for company fulfil more efficiently and at lower price the necessary order. "Lattrans" has his own trucks of covering which are well-appointed with all necessary. We provide also the police escort over the states of Baltic region and UIS countries.
From 01.10.2016 in Latvia the escort car with specific illuminated call out and megaphone is necessary for the transportation of vehicle with the width from 3.50 to 5 m and length from 30 m up to 40 m.
We offer you the service of escort:
The costs are: Escort car is 1.0 eur per km —Āoncernig the route of the escorted vehicle. Arrival of escort car to the nearest point of the route from the Liepaja is 0,8 eur per km.